Slow Down, Hoss!



Submitted by an NYC gal.

Whoa! When a friend shared this with me, my reactions went like this:

  1. Too soon, dude.  — Asking to hang out in the initial text is, to me, a little aggressive.  I suppose some may like face-to-face interaction immediately, so ok.
  2. This guy is odd. — Talk of how you’d wake someone up from a cuddle nap before you’ve met is odd enough. But with iced tea seems especially random.
  3. What the actual shit?? — You haven’t even met and you’re saying she’s “gotta come next time” you go away for the weekend to Boston?  Are you nuts?  And you’re going to keep her posted on her travels? Why?! She doesn’t care because she DOESNT KNOW YOU.  Stage 5 Clinger.

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